Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Installation of Core Catcher at Unit-2 begins

Atomstroyexport, Engineering Division of ROSATOM and the General Contractor Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant, has started installation of Core Melt Localization Device (Core Catcher), one of the main elements of the passive safety system, at Unit-2 of the project. 

Installation works began on Thursday one month ahead of the schedule. 

“This is one of the main elements of a passive safety system and the first large-sized equipment being installed in Unit 2 building. Due to coordinated efforts of our engineers it has become possible to begin the installation works earlier. It is worthy to mention that construction of both units of Rooppur NPP is progressing as per schedule,” said Sergey Lastochkin, Vice-President and Director of Rooppur NPP Project. 

Installation of Core Catcher at Unit-1 began earlier on August 18, 2018. 

Core catcher is a unique device, designed by Russian specialists. The device with cone-shaped body is installed at the bottom of the reactor core barrel and filled with a special material.

If necessity arises, the Core Catcher will collect the core melt materials and ensure their uniform distribution in the core catcher body. Operations of the Core Catcher like other passive safety systems do not depend on any person or his skill or circumstances. It follows only the fundamental natural law.

Core Catcher for Rooppur NPP is designed considering the site condition and safety requirements. For having improved hydro-dynamic and shock strength properties, it is more seismic resistant. It is also equipped with flood protection features and possesses simplified installation and assembly technology.

Rooppur NPP is being constructed with the technical and financial assistance from Russia. It will have two units each of 1200MW capacity. Unit-1 is scheduled to be commissioned in 2023, while the commissioning of the second unit is slated for 2024 to produce 2,400 megawatts of electricity.

World’s latest 3+ Generation VVER 1200 reactors have been chosen for the plant, which completely fulfill the safety requirements set by IAEA. 

In February 2011, Rosatom, the state atomic energy corporation of the Russian Federation, signed an agreement with the Bangladesh government to build the nuke plant at Rooppur.

The initial contract for the project, worth $12.65 billion, was inked in December, 2015.

The Rooppur NPP construction is performed based on the Russia-Bangladesh Intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in the area of NPP construction in the territory of Bangladesh, signed on November 2, 2011.

In 2015-2016, preparatory work was carried out at the construction site, working documentation was developed and documents for licensing for construction were prepared.

On November 4, 2017, the regulatory authority of Bangladesh (BAERA) issued required license for the design and construction of the plant.

On November 30, 2017, "First Concrete" ceremony was held for Unit 1 of the Rooppur NPP and on July 14, 2018, the Unit 2 also went in to active phase of the construction following the "First Concrete".