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Romania sending consular team to hire workers

Published : 03 Mar 2023 02:23 AM

In a development, Romania will operate a temporary consular mission in Dhaka from March to September to issue more than 15,000 visas. 

"Our foreign ministry has already taken necessary steps to facilitate Romania to operate its consular service here," Foreign Ministry spokesperson Seheli Sabrin said on Thursday at the weekly briefing. 

She said the Romanian consular team will arrive in Dhaka on March 5 to operate their service. 

Sabrin said a Romanian consular team operated their service for three months last year and issued 5,400 visas. 

After seeing successful consular service of the Eastern European country, foreign minister Dr AK Abdul Momen sent a letter to his Romanian counterpart to operate a consular mission here, she said. 

"It is expected that Romania will issue visa to more than 15,000 Bangladeshi nationals within this period this year," Sabrin said. 

Earlier, the foreign minister had said that Romania will recruit one lakh foreign workers including Bangladeshis, mostly for the construction sector.

"People started going to Romania last year. Over one lakh, mostly construction workers, will be hired next year. It's good news for Bangladesh too. As like before, they [Romania] will open a temporary consulate office here to recruit from Bangladesh," he had said in December.

"For long, our people only went to the Middle East. We have been trying to see if they can be sent to other countries," he added.

"Romania did not have any consulate in Bangladesh. I told them to open a consulate office. But they don't want to spend so much money for it. The same situation exists in some countries including Malta, Hungary and Bulgaria," he had said.

Earlier in 1975, Bangladesh opened its first mission in Romania but it was shut down in 1995, while Romania closed its mission in Bangladesh in 2000.

 Bangladesh has reopened its embassy recently.