Rohingyas getting involved in crimes

Beef up security in and around the camps

Published : 06 Jul 2022 08:10 PM

We are deeply concerned at the soaring criminal activities in and around the Rohingya camps. It is disconcerting to note that over the last 16 months, the Armed Police Battalion (APBn) have seized more than 2 million yaba tablets and a large cache of firearms, including some M16 assault rifles, from 11 Rohingya camps in Ukhiya upazila of Cox’s Bazar. Criminal activities like theft, murder, dacoity, rape, drug trafficking have increased nearly seven times in the last five years in the Cox's Bazar area because of Rohingyas. Certainly such a situation calls for serious actions to curb crime in the Rohingya camps.

It is alleged that Rohingya camps in Cox’s Bazar have turned into hotbeds of crime. According to media reports, criminal gangs, active in the camps, often lock into bloody confrontations over control of markets, Yaba smuggling, and human trafficking. Also, Rohingyas have been engaged in serious confrontations with locals over supremacy of drug smuggling.

The authorities concerned should take necessary measures to 

beef up security and catch the perpetrators especially the gangs 

that are carrying out criminal activities

The authorities concerned should take necessary measures to beef up security as much as possible and catch the perpetrators especially the gangs that are carrying out criminal activities. Considering the prevailing situation, law enforcement agencies should take immediate actions to establish law and order in the Rohingya camps and surrounding areas. Last but not least, relevant authorities should do the needful to restrain locals from taking law into their own hands.

Over the last five years, displaced Rohingyas have appeared as a serious burden on the economy and environment of Bangladesh. Needles to say, Bangladesh wants to resolve the Rohingya crisis through peaceful negotiation and the country expects similar reciprocity from Myanmar and international community. It is crucial that the international community continues to maintain pressure on Myanmar to create a conducive environment so that the Rohingya refugees can return to their homeland with safety, security and dignity. We expect a more vigorous role of the international community on the diplomatic front to compel Myanmar to take back the Rohingyas.