Rohingya escapees detained in Subarnachar

Published : 06 Aug 2022 09:07 PM | Updated : 06 Aug 2022 09:07 PM

Seven Rohingyas, including women and children, who fled from Noakhali's Hatiar Bhasanchar, have been detained from Mohammadpur Union of Subarnachar Upazila.

The detained Rohingyas are - Noor Begum (21), Khairul Alamin (2), Saidul Amin (25) of cluster no. 70 of Bhasanchar shelter, Erfan Ullah (22), Kulsoom (20), Rabiul Hasan (2) of cluster no. 73.

On Saturday around 10:00 am, Char Jabbar Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Debpriya Das confirmed the truth of the Rohingya detention and said that on Friday, August 5, at around 11:00 pm, locals detained them from Char Alauddin area of No. 8 Mohammadpur Union of the upazila. Char Jabbar police took them to the police station after receiving the information.

According to police and local sources, seven Rohingyas fled together from Bhasanchar through brokers to go to Chittagong. Dalal gang managed to drop them in Char Alauddin area of Subarnachar upazila and escaped. Then on Friday around 11 pm, seven Rohingyas started roaming in different places in Char Alauddin area of the upazila. If the locals are suspicious, they are detained and interrogated. At one point they admitted to being Rohingyas and said they had fled from Bhasanchar. Later the matter was reported to Charjabbar police station. The police arrested them and took them to the police station.

He also said that they were arrested from Char Alauddin area of Mohammadpur Union number 8 of the upazila around 11 pm on Friday. The police arrested them at night and brought them to the police station. 7 people have been kept in the police station. Further action will be taken after talking to higher authorities.