Rod, cement prices hit all-time high

Published : 24 Aug 2022 09:19 PM

Dollar rose by more than 20 percent in a few months in the country. Suddenly, the price of diesel also increased by 42 percent. The construction sector of the country has been the direct victim of these two price increases. Rod, one of the building materials used in the construction industry, reached an all-time high due to rising fuel and dollar prices. His companion is cement. Because the raw material scrap for rod making and clinker raw material for cement production are all imported in the country. It has to be paid in dollars. And it has to be transported by ship and truck.

A month's market review after talking to rod-cement dealers, mill owners and related senior executives showed that MS rod is currently being sold at Tk 90,000 to 92,300 per ton. Rod prices have never been so high before. Even a month ago these rods were 85-86 thousand taka. Again, cement is being sold at Tk 500-530 per bag of 50 kg. Earlier last March, the price of cement went up to Tk 520. But a month ago, these cements were Tk 400-420. Akbar Ali, a rod-cement trader in Tarki Bandar area of Gournadi Upazila, told that the price of rod-cement is increasing in the market. Within a month, the price of rods has increased by 5-8 thousand taka per ton.

He said, currently BSRM brand MS rod is selling at 92 thousand 300 taka, KSRM rod is selling at 90 thousand 500 taka, AKS is selling at 91 thousand 500 taka and GPH is selling at 91 thousand taka.

Tamim Faysal, Owner of Tazim Traders in Tarki area, told that there is currently no cement below 500 taka in the market. The price of cement has increased by Tk 100-120 per bag of 50 kg in a month. At present, the price of rod-cement is increasing due to rising dollar and fuel oil prices. Because of this, sales have decreased.

Stating that the sales have decreased due to the increase in price, this businessman said that the rate at which the price of rods is increasing internationally, the customers are not able to bear the burden. Due to which many have stopped their construction work. Also, due to the unstable market, the small factories of the iron industry are not able to handle the pressure. Except for a few, others are unable to do LC. They did not do LC in the hope of lower prices in the international market. Now they are suffering losses.

He claimed that now every ton of rod is costing about one lakh rupees. In this regard, he said, if the production in the factory is stopped now, the loans of the banks cannot be regularized. This will deteriorate the relationship between the bank and the factory owners. That's why now I am selling the goods even at a loss.