Robotic automation starts journey in Bangladesh

 Robo2Mation, an entirely different kind of robot that works as a software installed in any computer, is a digital robot powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Once trained properly, this type of robots can complete given tasks with much higher speed and accuracy.

This was revealed at a press conference organised to announce launching of Robotic Process Automation brand “Robo2Mation” by InfoSapex Limited, a growing IT company of Bangladesh, at Best Western La Vinci Hotel on Sunday.

Financial institutes like banks & NBFIs and other sectors in Bangladesh can use Robo2Mation, a software that transforms the manual data input into digital automated data input.

Robo2Mation is the first robotic automation brand to bring this new technology in Bangladesh. Digital Bangladesh is one of our nation's dreams, the organisers said.

To implement the Vision 2021 of a truly Digital Bangladesh, special emphasis must be given on the application of advanced digital technologies. Our software Robots can contribute immensely in realizing this vision. Every day we lose a lot of time in many tasks across government & private organizations which are often simple & sequential, they informed.

Robotic technologies can ensure necessary transparency & accountability within organizations. Robots are software programs that cannot associate with corruption, biasness or nepotism. A Robot only aims to deliver timely with accuracy. Each task performed by a Robot generates a detailed Digital Action Log specifically built for auditing; ensuring highest level of accountability.

Right application of such Robotic technologies can speed task completion by up to 90 percent. Robotic Automation can dramatically reduce the amount of various errors. Besides, a Digital Robot will never make the mistakes that happen while doing manual Data Entry.

Robotic Automation can add a new era to current Software Development trends. This will add to our GDP, exporting such Digital Robotic solutions will increase our foreign revenue and boost our foreign reserve.