Robi Chowdhury hospitalised with coronavirus

Coronavirus has hit the country’s music scene again. This time popular musician Robi Chowdhury has been affected by this global epidemic.
He is undergoing treatment at Lab Aid Hospital in the capital.
Robi Chowdhury shared a post on his personal Facebook ID. There he wrote, Corona has come to love me. That is why I can’t receive anyone’s phone. Don’t mind it please. If you can pray, I want prayers. See you again, Insha Allah.

However, he did not mention what stage his physical condition is now.

Robi Chowdhury has gifted many popular songs in his long music career. He recently released a song titled ‘Jatiyo Beyadob’. 

In addition to giving voice, the artist himself has composed the words and melody of the song and Apu Raihan arranged the music.