Robbery on Dhaka Elevated Expressway

Authorities must take the issue more seriously

Published : 23 Oct 2023 09:21 PM

Tight security measures must be taken to ensure safety and security inside and outside the Dhaka Elevated Expressway.

The recent daring robbery on Dhaka Elevated Expressway has posed a question about the law enforcement agencies’ strict measures to ensure foolproof security surrounding the areas of the expressway. This was the first such daring heist on the newly opened expressway. 

Posing as members of Rapid Action Battalion, the organised hardened criminals looted Tk 48 lakh from a vehicle on Dhaka Elevated Expressway on October 10 at gunpoint. However, police arrested seven people from seven districts of the country in this connection.

Ensure security and safety 

to the travelers who

 will drive on the elevated express way

People of the city are now very happy after reaching their respected destinations earlier using the expressway. People now can easily avoid hour-long severe gridlock from the Dhaka airport-to-Farmgate stretch that had plagued them for years. The elevated expressway allows the city people to cover 11 kilometres in just 10 minutes. So, amid fears of “robbery or mugging “, people may avoid the elevated expressway. The expressway was opened to traffic on September 3. Apart from the Dhaka Elevated Expressway, security will also have to be beefed up in all under construction mega projects and key point installations (KPIs) in order to keep them safe and secure. Besides, stringent security measures will also have to be taken for smooth and safe journey of the people and thwart any evil plans by terrors, robbers, armed goons and the vested elements.

Security will also have to be beeped up in Bangladesh Secretariat, international airports, power stations and government hospitals. The law enforcers including intelligence agency remain alert to thwart the armed goons and vested elements any plot. As per the electoral commitment, the government is working hard to implement the ten mega projects as early as possible to give comfort to the people. 

We think the robbers could have a motive to make the elevated expressway an unsafe and unprotected exit way.Apart from the law enforcement agencies, the city corporation must also take the issue seriously and join hands with the other stakeholders to ensure security and safety to the travelers who will drive on the elevated express way.