Roadmap to battle corona second wave

Crucial time ahead for us

It augurs well that the government has decided to impose tougher health safety regulations in order to fight the second wave of coronavirus attack apprehended in the winter.

Reportedly, as a first line of defence the government has decided to increase the number of corona lab tests to more than 13,000 by collecting oral and nasal cavity specimen samples every day. Also, the authorities concerned would enforce use of masks as mandatory for all in public places, promote hand washing and sanitising maintaining social distancing.

As experts fear that coronavirus pandemic could create a winter storm, it is time we brace for a potential increase in cases that could be more serious than the initial outbreak. Since coronavirus spreads more rapidly in winter, it could be a crucial time to wage a war against the pandemic. The challenge for government now is to ensure the peak is not so much that it overburdens our healthcare system again.

Since coronavirus spreads more readily in winter, 

it could be a crucial time for

 the fight against the pandemic

There have always been the risks regarding the crisis escalating in winter when the cases of respiratory complications rise alarmingly, and Covid-19 itself is a respiratory disease. Considering this, doctors should remain very careful not only to detect the Covid-19 cases but also respiratory issues since their symptoms are identical. 

When it comes to halting the COVID-19 crisis, virus testing is key to diagnosing cases and tracking the epidemic. It is the only way to uncover just how many people have been infected, or how many others could infect. Hence, people should be encouraged more to go for Covid-19 tests whenever needed. In this regard, we must take necessary steps to conduct adequate and accurate testing and for that our testing facilities need to be expanded.  A rigorous system of test, trace and isolation can  protect us. 

We must abide by government orders issued to tame the spread of coronavirus. There are perturbing signs that most of us have developed a lax attitude to keeping social distancing. This approach must be changed in no time. We must take the deadly disease seriously and take more precautions because even developed nations have not been able to stop the spread of the disease despite having the best of resources and technology. Also, the government must take drastic steps to compel people to maintain social distancing and ensure that no social gatherings take place in the country during winter.