Road turns into deep pits

Published : 20 Sep 2020 09:25 PM

It has become a strange habit for the common people to stumble while walking on the roads of Katiadi Municipality of Kishoreganj. Pedestrians are getting into accidents every day while walking. The condition of the important roads of the Sadar is very bad now due to the indifference of the municipality and lack of reforms.

Locals complain, municipal authorities have repeatedly promised reforms but that was only assurance, nothing had been done. The worst situation is in Katiadi Abdul MannanMahila College Road. 

But there are several schools and colleges on this road in the heart of the city. But as the road has not been repaired for decades, the pitch has gone up and now it has turned into big pits. Accidents often occur because rainwater collects in the pits. Not only the traffic, but also the locals are facing problems in travel.

Talking about his daily experience, college student Zeba Rahman said, 'I have to use this road every day. We are suffering due to accumulation of water in big holes in the road. I demand the authorities to take immediate steps to repair the road.’

JagrulHossainAkash, a local resident, said, "This road used to be used by school-college students as well as dying patients." But the road has not been repaired for a long time and now it has turned into a large pit due to stagnant water. 'There are many problems in our movement. There is a lot of damage to the car. We demand that these roads be repaired quickly. '

Md. Mizanur Rahman, Assistant Engineer, Katiadi Municipality, said, ‘The road to Mahila College is not in our scheme at present. The road has not yet been included in the tender. 

For now, he said, immediate action would be taken to make the road passable. Municipal Mayor. ShawkatUsman said it was not possible to repair the road as it was not included in the tender. For the convenience of the people, the road will be repaired very soon.