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Road to a devloped nation clear now

Evaluation report of first ‘perspective plan’ highly satisfactory

Published : 27 Nov 2019 09:23 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 04:36 PM

Bangladesh is smoothly moving forward developing all its sectors with an aim to obtain the status of a developed nation by 2021. According to the mid-term evaluation report of the first perspective plan 2010-2021 undertaken by the incumbent government, it stated that the country has progressed smoothly in reducing poverty, control inflation rate, ensuring electricity for all, ensuring self-sufficiency in food, increasing literacy rates and removing gender disparity.

The report also stated that Bangladesh has progressed in exercising good governance. The country now stands well positioned in the good governance index of the world. “The progress of all sectors in first perspective plan is satisfactory. There is no failure report in the perspective plan. We are working hard and implementing the plan properly to achieve the goals,” said Planning Minister MA Mannan on Wednesday.

The Minister said this while addressing as chief guest at programme titled ‘Unveiling Report of Implementation Progress of the Perspective Plan 2010-2021,’ held at the National Economic Council (NEC) conference room in the city’s Agargoan area on Wednesday. “Our gross domestic product (GDP) growth is good. We have kept the inflation rate low. We have progressed tremendously in remittance earning, manufacturing, infrastructure development, power generation, reducing poverty, human resources development and women participation in all sectors. We have also developed our socio-economic sector under the perspective plan,” the Minister said.

Mannan said Bangladesh economy is growing faster than the other developed countries including Asia and the rest of the world. “We are now implementing Seventh Five-year plan in rapid pace. There is no obstacle for implementing the projects,” he added. After assuming power since 2009, the ruling government led by the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has undertaken a first perspective plan (2010-2021) which was titled, ‘vision 2021’ to convert the nation from low-income-economy to middle-income-economy.

“Under the plan, Bangladesh would be significantly free of poverty. People will be ensured increased health facilities, education, and skills development or securing high-income employment opportunities,” he said. “The government understood that development challenges were many and progress will require a long-term vision and systematic approach to development,” he added.

Among others, political advisor to the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina HT Imam and Private Industry and Investment Advisor to the PM Salman F Rahman, Senior Secretary of the General Economic Division of the planning commission Dr Shamsul Alam also presented reports of the plan.