Road digging cripples capital

Better coordination needed among agencies

Published : 14 Nov 2021 09:58 PM

Constant road digging across the capital has been a cause of suffering for commuters and other city residents. The communication network has also been disrupted causing major gridlocks throughout the capital.

It has continued to cause major public sufferings in many areas mainly due to delays in execution of the projects and lack of coordination among the authorities concerned.

City-dwellers expressed agony regarding some road projects that started months back but were left unfinished leading to huge traffic congestions, accidents as well as business losses. Many business owners in the capital have faced multiple difficulties due to road diggings. 

Greater coordination is required among the concerned 

authorities so that the sufferings of the people reduce 

and the project works are completed on time

Such road work generates an immense amount of dust pollution due to which roadside shops are highly affected. Another unfortunate thing is that while the digging is done no signboards or warning signs can be seen on the roads which often causes accidents as bricks, stones, pipes, rods, etc. remain scattered on the road.

It is essential to plan the execution of the projects from beforehand. An alternative road needs to remain open when one is blocked for digging.

We constantly have said before that there is barely any cooperation amongst the agencies. Roads in the capital are dug by different service providers whenever they feel the need to do so. Therefore, greater coordination is required among the authorities concerned so that the sufferings of the people reduce and the project works are completed on time.