RMG workers stage demo for wage

Published : 12 Apr 2020 10:15 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 09:04 PM

Thousands of Readymade garment (RMG) workers of at least 11 RMG factory of Savar and Ashulia have protested by taking place in front of the factories and blocking multiplel roads,  demanding salary during this shutdown over the country on Sunday. Police later, however, removed them from those  roads and cleared blockage.

The workers started protesting on Sunday morning at several areas including Hemayetpur, Fulbaria, Ulail, Razashon of Savar and Kathgora, Jamgora, Kabirpur, Narshinghapur area of Ashulia, on the capital's outskirts. Workers from the movements said they were staying home since the announcement of factories closer. But they are in compulsion to leave home and to protest as the factory authority did not pay their salary yet.

The protesters questioned how they live if they do not get their salary, even they claim that they did not get any relief from the government during this unannounced lockdown. "If this will continue then we will die along with our family members including children", the protesters said.

Khairul Mamun Mintu, Organizing secretary of Garments Sramik Trade Union Kendra told The Bangladesh Post, "The workers of at least 11 readymade garment factories (RMG) of Savar and Ashulia have protested demanding their salary as the authorities of those factories yet to pay workers salary, whereas workers usually get salary by the date of 7 to 10."

Workers leader said, "Workers are in compulsion to protest as they are facing financial hardship due to this unannounced lockdown. Even many workers are starving as they do not get relief or government assistance. Also, house owners are also pressuring for house rent."

Rafiqul Islam Sujan, President of Shilpa Sramik Federation (SSF) told The Bangladesh Post, "Workers very much needed their salary as they are in food crisis as well as the house owners pressuring for rent."

"It was said from several sectors that the workers will get paid. But none of one said when workers would be paid. The government announced that the workers would pay by April 16, but some readymade garment owners already went into hiding by taking advantage of this situation.Therefore misunderstanding being created among workers as well as the they are compuls to leave home by breaking the government direction to keep social distance to protect from Coronavirus infection.", Shujan added.

Javed Masud, Inspection (Investigation) of Ashulia police station said, "Workers of some readymade garment (RMG) factories protested demanding their salary. Owners of some small factories went into hiding, however, we looking after the matter " On other hand this correspondent could not reach Sana Shaminur Rahman, Superintendent of Industrial Police-1, despite making several phone calls.