RMG workers raise 5-point demand

The National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF) has made five-point demands for garment workers in the new budget. The demand was made at a protest rally of garment workers in front of the National Press Club on Friday morning.

Their five-point demand includes introducing rationing, dormitories, separate hospitals, maternity centers and transportation for garment workers.

The president of the federation Amirul Haque Amin presided over the brief rally.

The leaders of the Garment Workers Federation said that no allocation has been made for the garment workers of the country in the budget worth Tk six lakh crore. As a result, the fate of the workers will not be improved with this budget. 

“We demand re-allocation in the budget for rationing, dormitories, hospitals, maternity centers and transportation,” they added.

They said that this budget has been a business-friendly budget, not a factory worker-friendly one.

Kamrul Hasan, General Secretary of Industrial Bangladesh Council and Ekta Garments Workers Federation delivered speech during the event.

General Secretary of the National Garment Workers Federation Arifa Akhter, Central Leader Safia Parveen, Rafiqul Islam Rafiq, Nasima Akhter and Israt Jahan Ila also spoke in the rally.