River rally demands end to fossil- fuel financing

Published : 15 Sep 2023 09:24 PM | Updated : 15 Sep 2023 09:24 PM

More than fifty boats joined at a river rally in Sylhet’s sarighat area on Friday demanding the termination of fossil finance and redirecting the investments made in fossil fuel to sustainable projects and renewable energy.

Three organisations, Surma River Water keeper, Water keepers Bangladesh, Sari Nodi Bachao Andolon, jointly organised the river rally to press home their demand.Sari Nodi Bachao Andolon president Abdul Hi Al Hadi presided over the function while Abdul Karim Meetra, from Surma River Water keeper was present there among others.

They urged the historically largest emitters/Global North financial institutions to immediately stop fossil funding and ensure the loss and damage-finance for the communities at-risk owing to the climate crisis.

They blamed the fossil financers from the Global North for the climate crisis, neocolonial exploitation, wars, and human rights violations. With the capitalist mindset of making a profit, the historically largest emitters of greenhouse gases are fueling the destruction of the planet by funding fossil fuel extraction, which is largely impacting the climate-vulnerable countries in the South.