River-locked villagers demand bridge in Chatmohar

Published : 24 Sep 2022 08:55 PM

People of two villages in Chatmohar have to cross the river wherever they want to go to market, school-college, office-court, crematorium-cemetery as two river surround these villages from all the side. The old Karatoa River is not on one side of the village, but on all four sides. A tributary of the Karatoa, flowing upstream and downstream of Chinabhatkur village in Chatmohar, moves northwards. This branch of Karatoa River turns north through the west of the two villages and flows into the Gumani River on the east side. The other branch flows from near the Chinabhatkur graveyard to the south of Baharampur village and falls into the Gumani River.

Many boats can be seen at the river jetty next to the houses of the people of these two villages surrounded by the river. Although almost half of the families own boats, the other half of the families have to cross the river in other people's boats. They often suffer from lack of boat. 

There is no way for the village people to take sick, congested patients, expectant mothers to the hospital immediately. Neither village has an inch of paved road. No vehicles ply in these two villages. They travel on foot throughout the year on the dilapidated roads in the middle of the village. 

That is why the people of Baharampur and Belgachi villages of Nimaichra Union of Chatmohar Upazila of Pabna are suffering a lot. But there is no one to see, know and listen to this suffering.

Baharampur and Belgachi villages are located approximately seven kilometers north-east from Chatmohar upazila headquarters. The population of Baharampur village is about one thousand three hundred people. About three hundred more people live in Belgachi village. 

There is a primary school in this area where the students of these two villages study. Besides, there are 2 temples in Baharampur village and one in Belgachi village. People of two villages pray in a mosque. There are about 30 Hindu families in the two villages. Most of them are poor. Pottery is the source of livelihood of 20 families. They have been making a living by making different types of idols, pottery and pottery.

On the east bank of the river are Nimaichra Union Parishad, Mirzapur Degree College, Mirzapur High School, Mirzapur Dakhil Madrasa and Mirzapur Hat. Both Hindu and Muslim people of Belgachi and Baharampur villages have been living in harmony for a long time. Most of the families are dependent on agriculture. There is no cemetery or crematorium in these two villages. If a person of any religion, Hindu or Muslim, dies, he should be cremated or buried in a boat across the river to the cemetery or crematorium of Chinabhatkur village on the western south bank.

Abdur Rashid, a resident of Baharampur village, said that because of the river around the village, our quality of life is not improving. As there is no paved road, we walk on foot and covered with mud. No vehicles ply in these two villages. It is difficult to sell our products in the market. Boys and girls have to cross the river in boats while going to educational institutions. When he comes back and calls from the other side, he has to cross over. Even though there are boat terminals across the river in Baharampur area, the people of Belgachi have to struggle to reach there. If a bridge is constructed next to Mirzapur College or next to the market and the roads of the two villages are paved, our quality of life will improve. 

Ehia, another resident of this village, said that we have to cross the river all year round. Sometimes the river is dry and sometimes it is full of water. The boat is our only hope for about seven months of the year. The potters of Belgachi village said that due to the lack of roads and bridges, they have to carry their products with great difficulty on their shoulders.

Nimaichra Union Parishad Chairman Noorjahan Mukti said that the two villages are really neglected. When it rains, they cannot go out of the house. People of these two villages have to suffer a lot as there are rivers around and no paved roads. 

I recently dumped some soil on the road. It is important to improve the quality of life of the people of these two villages.

In this regard, Chatmohar Upazila Nirbahi Officer Mumtaz Mahal said, I came to Chatmohar a few days ago. I did not know about this. I will try to find out about this and take necessary measures.