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Rise in water levels in Cox’s Bazar affects sea beach

Published : 12 Aug 2022 12:07 AM

Due to the low pressure caused by the Bay of Bengal, the sea has become rough and the water has increased during the full moon tide, and the Cox's Bazar beach has broken. Everything from the beach shore to the Zhou garden is in ruins. Low-lying areas have been flooded by rising sea levels.

Labani Point, the main tourist attraction, has been severely damaged. Local warning number 3 is in effect. This has adversely affected tourism. The Water Development Board has said that urgent measures will be taken to prevent erosion in the shortest possible time. The forest department says trees will be planted wherever gardens are cut. The low-lying area of Cox's Bazar was inundated due to the rise of the sea due to the full moon tide as the low pressure in the northwest Bay of Bengal turned into a depression. Moderate to heavy rainfall has continued over Cox's Bazar for the past three days. At the same time, bullying is going on.

Thursday afternoon can be seen at Lavani Point on the beach; Tourist police establishment at risk due to high tide. The structure can collapse at any moment due to erosion on one side. For which Jio Bag is trying to be protected. At the same time, Labani, one of the points of the beach, is broken by the tidal water.

 When the water recedes, the image of erosion is emerging. Not just a beach resort; From Madrasa Point to Kalatali Point, the sandbar is breaking at high tide. Due to which the beach is becoming unbeautiful. Tourists often get injured while going down to the beach. Abdus Salam, a tourist from Muradnagar in Comilla, said that Labani Point is breaking before his eyes. We are also afraid of the destruction of the sea.

A huge tourist presence was noticed during the break and on the beach. Ignoring the rain, tourists roam the beach.

Additional Superintendent of Police of Tourist Police Cox's Bazar Rizon and Md. Rezaul Karim said that those concerned have been informed about the severe erosion of the beach. He said, we always try to look closely at the problems of tourists. We have informed the concerned authorities about the problems tourists are facing due to the beach break.

Sarwar Alam, divisional officer of Cox's Bazar South Forest Division, said that the Jhow trees which were broken due to heavy rains and sea erosion are being preserved, Jhow trees will be re-planted in the places where Jhow trees are broken and replanted. The process of planting zhow trees continues throughout the year.

Executive Engineer of Cox's Bazar Water Development Board. Tanzir Saif Ahmed said, we have arranged Geo Bag to prevent the erosion of the sea. The work has started from the take point of Nazira. We have closed for the time being as the weather is bad as well as the sea breaking is severe. But here is a project sent for sustainable or construction which we hope will be passed by the Council of Ministers very soon.

Meteorologist Abdul Hamid Miah of Cox's Bazar Meteorological Office said that the sea is rough due to low pressure. Due to the full moon tide, the sea level has risen two to four feet. Local warning signal No. 3 issued to Cox's Bazar sea port is in force. The rain will continue for a few more days. The local meteorological office has recorded 53 mm of rainfall in the last 24 hours.