Ridesharing skipping apps poses danger

Keep to the policies of apps to avoid being targeted

Published : 21 Sep 2020 09:15 PM | Updated : 22 Sep 2020 09:36 AM

Problems regarding ride sharing apps are a recurring thing in the country. Whenever the country takes a step towards development and true digitalisation there is always pebbles and stones to thwart the effort of advancing further. In the same way, there are problems that have arisen when ridesharing apps became active in the country. 

A report published in this daily says that contractual trips aside from apps have become a way of committing crimes of vested parties. The report also expressed that contractual ridesharing helps criminals to do crimes because it’s undocumented. Through this process, the common people are becoming victims of crimes. 

Riding as a pillion behind someone who is not properly registered with ridesharing companies opens up a path for criminals to easily commit crimes as mugging. Already, a range of felonies including snatching, robbery and murder have taken place over last few months according to Dhaka Metropolitan Police. e

For those who avail the 

service of ridesharing apps should maintain the proper way of hiring their ride in order to avoid being 

targeted by groups who are committing these crimes

The report also elaborated on the rise of carrying passengers on a verbal contract by motorcycle and private car drivers. This is an alarming issue as it poses as a threat to safety of common people. For those who avail the service of ridesharing apps should maintain the proper way of hiring their ride in order to avoid being targeted by groups who are committing these crimes. Facing such a crisis it is optimum for the general people to become aware as to who they are hiring and also focus on only hiring vehicles through ridesharing apps. In this way there is a way to hold would be criminals at bay and also provide accountability to the affiliate riders who have violated passenger safety and indulged in crimes. 

With the country advancing towards digitization, there is need for adapting to the changes that are arising on a regular basis to provide safety and security to the public. In these cases, new laws and regulations have to be enacted and enforced so that no such public safety hazard is created due to irregularities on individual level.