Rice market again up

Go tough to break unholy cartel

Published : 25 Oct 2023 07:52 PM

Prices of rice have increased by Tk 100 to Tk 200 per bag (50kg) within just one week. In retail markets, the staple is being sold between Tk 58 to Tk 80 per kg since seven days last, according to media reports. Apart from rice, the prices of all essentials also continued shooting up abnormally. 

Besides, the prices of vegetables have doubled in the capital’s kitchen markets. This upward trend of rice and other essentials prices has created a suffocating condition for the low-income people who are already plagued by financial hardship.

The high command of the government several times issued a set of directives to the authorities to carry out constant monitoring of the markets to keep normal the prices, stocks and supplies of essential commodities.

Besides, the agriculture, food and commerce ministers  also assured that there would be no shortage of essential commodities in the country. They also warned of stern action against those who would try to create any artificial crisis of essentials in the market.

But the fact is that what is happening in the market is just the opposite as the price of rice is increasing beyond control despite sufficient stock of the food grain. So, there has not been much reflection of what the government is claiming in terms of stock and monitoring on the market.

Ignoring, the authorities concerned the dishonest millers, hoarders, rice traders, and rich farmers have increased the rice price just a few days ahead of the harvesting of Aman paddy. This organised unholy nexus believe the price of paddy will increase and their profit will also rise in the days to come. The harvesting of Aman paddy will begin from the next month across the country. So, the food minister and agriculture minister said the rice prices would decline gradually when the harvesting would begin in full swing.

fresh hike in the staple 

food grain fueled the


financial hardship

They also assured people of not allowing the price of rice to soar as the country’s national election is approaching. The government must form several special monitoring committees to control prices of rice in the market.

The monitoring committees will check price-hike of food grains, assist low income groups, keep market price stable and ensure fair price of food grains for farmers. Authorities must take the initiative in a bid to check the rising prices of the staple food in the market through illegal means.

Ministries Concerned will have to issue necessary directives to the Deputy Commissioners and officials. They will also have to carry out inspecting the wholesale markets to monitor prices of rice and submit reports in this regard.

Authorities must also take stern actions if anybody tries to make rice market unstable. Apart from these, the government will also have to open a control room and special monitoring team which will be functioning to keep price of rice at tolerant level.

We think the millers, hoarders, rice traders and rich farmers should be honest and will not think about their own interest only as they have to think about the interest of the consumers too. As the prices of almost all daily essentials including flour, edible oil, lentils, onion, garlic, soap and toothpaste have increased abnormally, fresh hike in the staple food grain fueled the common people’s financial hardship and make the rice market volatile as well.

Authorities concerned should run strict monitoring against the organised syndicate immediately. The hoarders must be brought under strict surveillance in order to make the farmers’ Aman paddy harvest trouble-free.