Riaz stands by Shakib Khan

After much criticism being faced by ‘Password’, actor Riaz has decided to stand beside Shakib Khan through praising the film. The film was the main attraction at the cinema halls this Eid. However, there have been many controversies regarding the film prior to its release which continued even after it had reached the cinema halls. Moreover, after its release the controversies reached to accusations of the film being copied. These have been answered by many in a number of ways and even the director of the film Malek Afsari too was brought to answer some criticisms.

According to Riaz, criticizing the film saying it is a copy is baseless and says, “Let’s take the film to be a copy but that can’t be the reason to not watch the film. The issue should not be whether it is a copy or an original story, the focus should be on the make of the film. But before that, the habit of going to cinema halls is to be practiced. The best part of this is that the audience has still watched the film even after there were criticisms about it.”

Meanwhile, Riaz had invited the audience to watch the film through a video. Many have thought after watching the video that the alleged cold war raging between Riaz and Shakib Khan has ended. But Riaz says something else, he added, “I actually invited the people to watch the film on Emon’s birthday. He has played an important role in the film.”

But, regarding the silent clash between Riaz and Shakib, Riaz says, “There was nothing of the sort between us ever. Shakib is my junior. He has been working really well for a long time. He should be accredited for that. I hope that he will play better roles in better films in future.”

On the other hand, when asked about the possibility of Riaz and Shakib working together in future he says, “Nothing is impossible in the world. Maybe we both can be seen together in a film maybe we won’t be. Only time can tell.”