RHD implements 10 projects in Chandpur

Published : 19 Jul 2020 09:46 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 02:20 PM

Roads and Highways Department ((RHD) implemented five major projects and five other projects at a cost of Taka 220.55 crore during the period from June 2019 till June 2020 in Chandpur, said a source of RHD. 

According to the source, for the Gauripur-Kachua-Hajiganj road improvement project,  there was an  allocation of finance  for the 18 km work development  out of 42 km  in the Chandpur district,  was Tk 57.28 crore, of which  57 crore and 21 lakh has been spent for the development of road till June 2020.

For the development of 15 km long road under the project titled Doabhanga-Shahrasti-Paniwala-Ramganj district highway, there was an allocation  of Tk 52.46 crore, of which  49 crore and 44 lakh has been spent to complete the work.

Under the Matlab embankment road widening and upgrading project, 26 km work has been implemented in Chandpur section. The project allocation was Tk 39.71 crore. 98% of the project work has already been completed. It cost 41 crore, 96 lakh and 69 thousand taka.

The allocation for the 16 km Chatkhil-Chitoshi-Shahrasti road was Tk 42.45 crore. About 95% of the work of this project has already been completed. It cost 47 crore, 99 lakh and 87 thousand taka.

For Muzaffarganj-Chitoshi-Ramganj 8 km road development, the allocation was 22 crore and 17 lakh taka, of which 22 crore, 1 lakh and 67 thousand taka has been spent to complete the work.

In other projects, the allocation for construction of box culvert was Tk 4 crore, 19 lakh  and 42 thousand, of which 3 crore and 31 lakh has already been spent.

For Hajiganj-Ramganj-Laxmipur renovation, the allocation was 3 crore, 30 lakh and 72 thousand tk of which 30 percent work has been completed at a cost of Tk 99 lakh and 97 thousand.

1 crore, 10 lakh and 16 thousand taka was allocated for the reconstruction of Kachua-Gulbahar-Matlab South Road of which 57 percent of the work of the project has already been completed. It has cost 1 crore and 10 lakh taka.

For the Meghna-Dhanagoda embankment project there was an allocation of  Tk 8.99 crore. Already 45 percent has been completed.

For Bakila-Jagannath Bazar-Narayanpur-Matlab South Road, the allocation was 3 crore, 89 lakh and 78 thousand taka. Work on the project has already been completed. The unfinished work of the projects will be completed in the fiscal year 2020-21, said an official of the Roads and Highways Department. 

Once these projects are fully implemented, communication with Chandpur district and other districts will be easier and transportation of agricultural products will be easier, time and energy will be saved. Above all, it will play a huge role in the economic development of the country, the official said.