RFL Gas Stove to help people at old age home

RFL Gas Stove, country’s popular gas stove brand, has introduced a campaign titled “Khuda Na Chula Joluk” to help people living at old age home. Through the campaign, the brand will donate Tk 10 for the selling of each gas stove for the welfare of elderly people at old people’s home.

Md. Moniruzzaman, Director of Rangpur Metal Industries Ltd announced the campaign through a press conference held at Badda’s Premier Plaza on Thursday.

Addressing the occasion, Moniruzzaman, said, “RFL manufacturers’ products, which is needed for daily life, in an affordable price for people of all classes and professions. The positive response to RFL products from consumers of all classes help us to go forward. For the reason, we have responsibility towards the society and that is whyRFL Gas Stovehas introduced the campaign.”

He also said, “People need care and cooperation in their old age. But they live in old age home due to negligence of family members. As a business conglomerate, it is our moral duty to stand beside the lonely people.”

Takbir Rahman, Chief Operating Officer at RFL Gas Stove, said the slogan of RFL Gas Stove is ‘a family member, tied up forever’. Parents are parts and parcel of a family. But, the parentswho look after all members even in unfavorable situation are separated from family as children keep them in old age home snatching all ties.”

He also said, “We have introduced the campaign to put a smile on the faces of the people living at old age home. We will give donation to an old age home every month from the amount earned by donating Tk 10 for the selling of each gas stove. The campaign will continue for six months.”