Revenue collection at Benapole port on the rise

Published : 17 Dec 2020 09:18 PM | Updated : 18 Dec 2020 12:09 PM

The export imports activities through Benapole land port in Jashore have still not got back to normal due to the Corona situation.  As a result, the revenue collection fell drastically.

However, Benapole Customs authority imposed  supervisions, new rules and regulations so, currently the revenue collection is on the rise. Although the target has not been achieved, the revenue collection is increasing gradually.

In the five months from July to November of the current fiscal year, the growth of revenue stood at 20.53 percent. In November alone, the growth of  revenue was 46.40 percent. The growth of revenue is increasing every month as the steps taken by the customs are being implemented, officials said.

On the other hand, the licenses of six C&F agents have already been suspended  for being involved in irregularities. Four C&F agents have been issued show cause notices.

The canceled agents are Talukdar Enterprise, Asia Enterprise, Sunny International, Medina Enterprise, Mukti Enterprise and Rianka Enterprise.

According to Benapole Custom House sources, the revenue target of the custom house in the current fiscal year was Tk 6,244.62 crore and the five-month revenue target till November was Tk 2,506.06 crore. Whereas, Tk 1,509.69 crore has been collected, which is Tk 256.20 crore more than the same period in the last fiscal.

Revenue collection growth in five months is 20.53 percent. On the other hand, the revenue for the just-ended November of the financial year was TK. 542.63 crore. The collection was Tk 365.26 crore, which is Tk 118.94 crore more than last fiscal year.

According to sources, Benapole Custom House is committed to increase revenue collection. It has taken various measures to increase import-export and to prevent customs evasion.

Due to the corona crisis, the amount of import and export through this port has decreased. However, with the situation becoming somewhat normal, import-export is increasing and revenue collection is increasing too.

However, with the help of C&F agents, a class of dishonest importers looking for opportunities, are always eager to evade revenue. In particular, attempts are made to evade this revenue through false declarations.

However, Benapole Custom House has stepped up its efforts to prevent revenue evasion. The result have also started coming. In the past one and a half months, more than 50 importer’s goods have been detained for false declarations.

On the other hand, 56 tons of non-negotiable goods including fireworks, alcohol, cigarettes, medicines, cosmetics, etc were confiscated at Benapole Custom House were destroyed.

According to the permanent order of NBR these products were destroyed separately on October 2. In the presence of Head of the convening committee and additional commissioner Dr. Neyamul Islam this activity was completed.

For the first time in the history of Benapole Custom House, so many high-risk products were destroyed. On the other hand, to facilitate import and export, entry activities were introduced at one point at the entry gate of the Cargo Branch of the House which called one stop service.

Previously, customs, port authorities and BGB took longer to enter separately; Which would have hampered import-export activities. This work has been going on for the last 10 years. This problem was solved by discussing in stages. This is a landmark step in import-export dynamics.

Benapole Customs House Commissioner Azizur Rahman said, “We have taken some steps to prevent revenue evasion, so that we are getting visible results. Several licenses have already been suspended  and importers have been fined to sent a strict message to the dishonest importer-and C&F agents. We have also done some work for the ease of doing business”.

He further said that after the imported goods enter the port, the responsibility of managing it lies with the port authorities but there is a lot of  problems in this regard.

There were no specific rules as to which product would be kept in which shed, resulting in a dishonest syndicate based on the shed. A Deputy Commissioner of Customs was appointed to do these work.

As a result, an office order was placed from Customs House Benapole on which shed would go to which product. From now on, a discipline has been created as the matter is controlled by customs.