Retd school teacher’s body recovered in Rajshahi

Published : 21 Sep 2021 08:08 PM

Boalia police station members recovered the body of a retired Govt Primary School Headmaster from her Ghosepara (Kumarpara) residence in Rajshahi city on Tuesday noon. 

Former Headmaster of Munnujan Govt Primary School Maya Rani Ghose, a spinster, used to live alone at her house. 

Police informed, Maya Rani's adopted daughter Putul Rani came to her house on Tuesday noon and saw the body of her mother lying on the floor of her room. Her throat was fastened by a scarf. 

Seeing the body, Putul raised an alarm screaming and hearing her piercing cry neighbours rushed to the spot.  Later Police and CID investigation team arrived at the spot and sent the body to RMCH morgue for autopsy.

Nibaran Chandra Barman, Officer-in-charge of Boalia Police station informed, Maya Rani's dead body was lying on the floor of the room of her house.  Her gold ornaments and mobile phone were missing. 

It is apprehended that she was killed through suffocation as her throat was wrapped by a scarf.  It is being assumed that Maya Rani might have been murdered for robbery, he added.