Resist terrorism socially: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Friday termed militancy and terrorism as international issues, calling for national unity against such inhuman and violent activities, which taking lives and bloods. “Like other foreign countries, we’re also concerned over the issue. But we’re very much careful in this regard and our law enforcement and intelligence agencies are very active. 

And we do believe that terrorists and militants have no religion or state,” she said at a press conference held at her official Ganobhaban residence in the capital Dhaka.

The press conference was organised to brief media about Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s just-concluded official visit to Brunei Darussalam. She paid the visit to Brunei at the invitation of kingdom’s Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah. The Prime Minister said she held a crucial meeting with the high ups of all intelligence agencies and law enforces on Thursday night to discuss how and in what way militancy and terrorism can be stamped out from the country.

Replying to a query Sheikh Hasina, also the president of ruling Awami League, made her stand clear about militancy and terrorism, saying her government has adopted zero tolerance policy on terrorism and militancy. “When a peaceful country like New Zealand experienced the grisly Christchurch terror attack, terrorists or militants may carry out terror attack anywhere in the world,’ the premier said.

When asked about the role of Russia, China, India and Japan regarding Rohingya crisis, she said Bangladesh has already called upon them to play a strong role in resolving the Rohingya crisis. She said those countries are committed to resolve the Rohingya crisis but sometimes they are busy with own agenda. 

“Apart from Russia, China, India and Japan, we also expect Thailand and Laos will also play a major role in resolving the Rohingya crisis. We are always discussing the issue with our neighbouring countries. And they assured me of extending all out cooperation in this regard,” Sheikh Hasina said.

Replying to a query about the relocation of Rohingyas to Bhasan Char Island, she said different agencies who are working at Rohingya camps in Cox’s Bazaar, are barring the process due only to their interest. 

“If the Rohingyas are relocated to Bhasan Char, the agencies at home and abroad think they will have to face difficulties in reaching their. But I would like to say those who are opposing the relocation of Rohingyas to Bhasan Char Island should take the responsibility if there is any casualty in Cox's Bazar camps during monsoon,” the prime minister said.

She said if people die due to landslides following heavy rainfalls, the government will not be responsible. “You - who are creating barriers - should be responsible. This is your responsibility," she added. He said the relocation of Rohingya people to Bhasan Char Island will help address the congestion problem in Cox's Bazar Rohingya camps. 

“We have already developed Bhasan Char Island to accommodate some 1,00,000 Rohingyas. We are doing everything that is necessary for the Rohingyas,” she further said She said Myanmar created the problem and they can solve the problem.

“However, we want to see a peaceful solution to the Rohingya crisis,” Sheikh Hasina said. She also reiterated her call to the Myanmar government to implement the agreement signed between Dhaka and NayPyiDaw for repatriation of the Rohingya people. When asked about revamp the Awami League from grassroots to central, Sheikh Hasina said that she already directed to her grass roots units to hold long-standing council sessions of district, thana and upazila units and form full-fledged committees there before holding the party’s 21st central council in October this year. “In this regard we have also formed committees. 

And they have been assigned to hold council session of those units whose tenure expired and forming full-fledged committees in the remaining areas,” she said.