Researchers should work to maximize Bangabandhu satellite imagery

Speakers tell SIMEC-IUBAT technical seminar

Published : 28 Apr 2022 10:59 PM
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Bangladeshi researchers should work to maximize the Bangabandhu Satellite Imagery for sustainable infrastructure management, particularly for the mega projects it has undertaken. In a technical seminar on engineering and skill development for professional enhancement, scholars have suggested for using remote sensing technology for assessing the risk related to natural disasters as well as managing the mega constructions.  The seminar was organized by SIMEC Institute of Technology and Civil Department of International University of Business Agriculture and Technology, in association with ACI-IUBAT Student chapter. 

Soumik Nafis Sadeek, a Graduate Research Assistant at the Tokyo Institute of Technology shared his research topic, where we can use satellites for detecting land structures, which gives an independent and verifiable report of what is visible on the ground. Various other topics were covered in this seminar. Engr. MD. Shahriar Alam has focused on various types of construction materials (Cement, Brick, Aggregates, Admixtures, and water), their properties, standards, and test procedures. Dr. Md Mahfuzur Rahman, Assistant Professor at the Civil Engineering Department of IUBAT, has discussed flood history in Bangladesh, flood area in Bangladesh, types of a flood, flood hazards, deficiency and Fourier plan, and emergency evacuation planning in Bangladesh. 

Speaker Nur-Alam Nahid, a specialist on Fire safety Engineering, has focused on the fire safety system, why fire incidents happen, how we can solve this problem, and why emergency exit doors are needed. 

The goal of the seminar was to familiarize the audience with the construction materials, its quality control; mapping of flood hazards, emergency evacuation planning in Bangladesh; leveraging satellite images in infrastructural management; fire safety, and its risk assessment. 

Engr. Abu Musa, Principal of SIMEC Institute of Technology Inaugurated the event and the seminar was presided over by Dr. Md. Monirul Islam, President of SIMEC Institute of Technology and Dean, College of Engineering and Technology. Dr. Ratan Kumar Roy, Coordinator of International Research Center, SIMEC Institute of Technology moderated the session.