Reopening of Savar RMG factory demanded

Published : 11 Jan 2021 08:53 PM

Around three hundred RMG workers of ‘Omorfu Sweater Ltd’, a readymade garment factory located at Zirabo area of Ashulia in Savar, which is closed since Dec 01 of 2020, staged demonstration and brought out procession demanding to reopen the factory immediately, and pay their arrears wages, on the outskirts of the capital on Monday morning.

Demonstrators alleged, authority of the factory suddenly announced that the factory would remain close from Dec 01, 2020, to Dec 31, 2020. But workers found the factory locked when they went to the factory to join work on Jan 01. Even workers did not get any satisfactory answer from the authority yet, despite asking multiple times them afterward. Moreover, authorities even have not paid their arrears wages of last December month.

Faridul Islam, Joint Secretary of National Garments Workers Federation said, a total of 300 RMG workers of the factory, who were lost their job due to sudden stopping the factory, facing financial hardship, and suffering a lot as not getting paid their arrear, even they unable to pay their house rent. So I urged the authority to reopen the factory and to pay worker’s arrears immediately, otherwise, we will be forced to give a bigger movement.

When contacted, Md. Razu, admin officer of Omorfu Sweater Ltd told The Bangladesh Post, “Factory owner said that the factory would be open next Feb 15, even I also informed this to workers. I don’t know why workers are staging demonstrations despite that, even there are no due arrears, so far I know”.

“Basically, authorities keep shut the factory as no work there”, Razu added.