Renewable energy offers great prospect

Time to revisit country’s energy policy

It is encouraging to learn that the government has embarked on an ambitious scheme to enhance generation of renewable energy as part of its efforts to ensure energy security, keeping carbon dioxide emissions at a low level. Reportedly, it has set a target to increase renewable energy generation to 2,000MW, 10 percent of the total generation, by 2021.  

Renewable energy sources are clean and green in contrast to non-renewable fossil fuels. Dire environmental impact of conventional energy source based on coal, oil and gas have turned our thinking towards the renewable energy resources. 

Having no or little emission of exhaust and poisonous gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, most renewable energy sources produce little to no global warming emissions.

Renewable energy is going to be an important source for power generation in coming days as it is environment-friendly, and we can use these resources again and again to produce useful energy. 

Government should formulate new 

policies to increase the production 

and consumption of renewable energy

While experts realise that tackling climate change is impossible without reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the reliance on fossil fuels, many say that the transition to renewables is not going to be easy.

Use of renewable energy in Bangladesh has been negligible over the last few years. Reportedly, renewable energy contributes approximately 4 per cent to the country's national energy power mix. 

However, in order to increase it to 10 percent by 2021, the government should take a number of initiatives, including allowing tax-free import of the tools and equipments which are needed for environment-friendly energy production.

It needs no emphasising that sustainable and renewable energy is the future of energy sector. Hence, we hope that the government will formulate new policies to increase the production and consumption of renewable energy to ensure energy security of the country. 

It is high time the government revisits its energy policy, embrace renewable energy and phase out coal-based power plants. Such steps will not only be helpful for safeguarding environment but also create thousands of jobs.