Remarkable growth in agro-product export

Prudent steps imperative to keep the momentum intact

It is good to note that our agricultural products are expanding positive growth globally, underpinning the need for adoption of a plan by the government to re-orient its capacity of expanding the export basket.

Reportedly, countries in East Asia and the Middle East are now turning to import Bangladeshi agricultural products. 

The demand for agricultural products is increasing rapidly in the world market and Bangladesh should integrate pragmatic steps to tap this opportunity. It needs no mentioning that if quality production and preservation processes can be ensured, the country would be able to export more.

The demand for agricultural products is increasing 

rapidly in the world market and Bangladesh should 

integrate pragmatic steps to tap this opportunity

Over the last decade Bangladesh has successfully boosted its agricultural growth and equipped its agricultural sector with new technologies. As a consequence, the country's earnings from the exports of agricultural products saw a exponential growth in the last several years and agriculture is gradually becoming a major export-oriented sector for Bangladesh.

In order to keep the momentum of the current growth of agro export intact, the government should take necessary steps to integrate modern and efficient technologies in the agriculture sector and conduct agricultural research to diversify agricultural production.

 There is high demand for processed agro products in different countries of the world. Even in China and Japan, the demand is increasing rapidly. Hence, it is time to focus on the food processing sector and build necessary infrastructure to get the most from the sector.

 Halal products have huge demand in the global market because of their distinct quality. Muslims around prefer to consume halal food and Bangladesh can earn huge foreign currency by exporting these halal products to different countries. In this regard, we need to  frame new strategies to grab the promising global market of halal food products.