Relatives flee after leaving body in Sonagazi

Relatives have left the body of a man named Sahabuddin (55) with corona symptoms and fled at Sonagazi upazila in Feni,

He died at his home in Vadadia village of Matiganj union around 8pm on Sunday. At around 2 am, on the initiative of the local UP chairman, the people of the burial team of the Islamic Movement's for Coronavirus completed the janaza and burial procedures of the deceased.

According to the locals, Sahabuddin of Hossain Dealer family was working as a manager of a petrol pump in Chattogram. He was suffering from fever, cough and shortness of breath 7-8 days ago.

On May 27, he and his family returned home from Chattogram with corona symptoms. Although he was treated at home for two days, he went to Sonagazi Upazila Health Complex on Sunday afternoon and gave samples for Covid-19 test. 

When he died at his home at around 8 pm that night, his family members fled leaving his body in a room in a two-storey building in his residence. The incident caused a stir in the community when the matter came to light.

After receiving the news, Matiganj UP Chairman Rabiuzzaman Babu informed the burial team of the Islamic Movement's for Coronavirus.

Burial team members collected PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) from the Upazila Health Complex and a bag from the police station to keep the body. The locals have announced not to use the bed for carrying the bodies kept in the village mosque. No one is even digging a grave. The community announced that they would not allow the society to bathe the body.

Rabiuzzaman Babu, chairman of Matiganj Union Parishad, said, “I bought the burial shroud with my own money, and I explained to the villagers to allow us to use the bed and curtains. 

The body of the deceased was buried at the family graveyard after janaza with the village police and people of Islamic movement at around 2 am.”

He said none of the relatives and family members came forward to bid farewell to the deceased Sahabuddin with corona symptoms. “Everyone has fled. But the dead man has helped his four brothers by sending them abroad while working in a petrol pump.”

“He has established sons-in-law after marrying off his three daughters. He himself has owned a lot of money. He has done a lot for his family members and relatives by earning money all his life. But Allah Almighty has given him such a death that no relative was by his side in the last farewell. What could be more heartbreaking than this?”

Sonagazi Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dr Utfal Das said that samples have been collected for Covid-19 test of the dead person with corona symptoms.