Reemergence of Covid onslaught

Take vaccine, follow health guidelines

Published : 11 Jan 2022 09:30 PM

The government imposed a fresh 11-point restriction which will come into effect from tomorrow (Thursday) as the South African Covid-19 variant Omicron poses a new threat of rising infections.

We all have to take extra caution against this quick-spreading new variant as Covid-19 crisis has not been over yet. Simultaneously, all eligible people will have to get vaccinated immediately.

Mask use has been made mandatory in shops, shopping malls, bazars, hotels and restaurants and all public gatherings. All must use masks in offices and courts or outside of homes. Apart from these, trains, buses and launches will carry passengers of their half capacity.

We all have to follow the Covid-19 

health guidelines for the greater 

good of humanity

Without vaccine certificate, a student above 12 years will not be allowed to enter educational institutions after the specific timeframe set by the Education Ministry. All social, political and religious functions will remain closed at open space until further notice. Therefore, we all have to follow the Covid-19 health guidelines for the greater interest of the country and its people. Also, the authorities concerned should reinforce scanning facility at land ports, seaports and airports.

The Covid-19 vaccination programme is going on in full swing now across the country. And over 12 crore 95 lakh 80 thousand doses of vaccine have been administered so far. Of them, around 7 crore 58 lakh people received the first dose and 5 crore 35 lakh 82 thousand people got the second dose.

The government has taken a programme to bring one crore people under vaccination every month from the current month through mass vaccination. 

On the other hand, the vaccination with booster dose began last month. And the government has over 9.5 crore doses of vaccine in reserve. However, the authorities must take necessary measures to accelerate coronavirus vaccination and its booster dose inoculation as early as possible.