Recruitment trade at public varsities must stop

Published : 13 Mar 2024 08:16 PM

Vice-chancellors (VCs) and Pro Vice-chancellors’ (Pro-VCs) nepotism in recruiting teachers and staff at different public universities, is jeopardising g the country’s higher educational institutions’ atmosphere. In recent times, such illegal and unethical activities have gone beyond.

In a Bangladesh university, the VC is the person next in rank below the chancellor. He acts as the chancellor’s deputy while the Pro-VC is next to the VC. Their (VC and Pro-VC) only responsibility is to ensure quality education and create and maintain congenial atmosphere on campuses alongside discharging administrative matters properly and transparently.

But it is very shameful for all when we see the VCs and Pro-VC have been accused of gross nepotism in appointing their sons, daughters, nephews, brother-in-law, daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law’s son to different positions at their respective universities. Besides, some also took several moves to appoint their wives at their respective universities.

We are gravely concerned by the media reports on unlawful recruitment of teachers and staff at different public universities continues, depriving meritorious and qualified citizens of the country. Reportedly, the appointment of teachers and staff are done based on nepotism, political identity, localism of applicants and alleged illegal exchange of money.

We are gravely concerned by the

 media reports on unlawful recruitment

 of teachers and staff at different public 


A general diary(GD) has been filed with Islamic University police station after the WhatsApp conversation between the university’s pro-vice-chancellor Professor M Mahbubur Rahman and its deputy registrar (admin) Chandan Kumar Das went viral on social media Facebook, according to media reports. According to the case statement, some screenshots of the WhatsApp containing conversation between pro-VC M Mahbubur Rahman and deputy registrar Chandan Kumar Das regarding the recruitment of a gardener in exchange of Tk 8 lakh went viral from a Facebook account named ‘IU Viral News’ on Sunday night.

Earlier, a total of 14 audio clips containing conversations between IU vice-chancellor professor Shaikh Abdus Salam and different persons went viral on social media from February 16 to June 13 last year. IU acting registrar HM Ali Hasan filed a GD after an audio conversation between IU VC and a jobseeker of the university’s Mass Communication and Journalism Department had gone viral on February 17.

On March 14, 2023, another audio clip of conversation between HM Ali Hasan and a contractor went viral on social media.  On November 22, several audio conversations among student organisation Bangladesh Chhatra League Islamic University unit president Faisal Siddike Arafat, its general secretary Nasim Ahmed Joy and a person went viral on social media Facebook

Pressures by local political leaders and influential quarters mount on VCs, Pro-VCs, deans and heads of departments of universities, selection committees and syndicates to appoint their applicants. Besides, VCs, Pro-VCs, deans and heads of department are also engaged in recruiting their kin or followers. Earlier in a notice the UGC asked all public universities in the country that they would not be able to hire ad hoc, daily-based manpower, master rolls without the approval of the UGC. Approval is required even for appointments through outsourcing.

But the fact is that most of the public universities do not follow the UGC’s instructions. And this unlawful process is obstructing the equal scopes for qualified and meritorious applicants to get appointment as teachers or staff in public universities. The appointment that do not comply with this rule is considered illegal. Therefore, we also think universities will foster innovation and take advantage of their autonomy to benefit the country and society instead of “recruitment trade”.