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Recruiting agent sending workers abroad illegally

Published : 07 Dec 2021 10:23 PM | Updated : 08 Dec 2021 02:55 PM

An unauthorized recruiting agency is allegedly trying to export manpower to Saudi Arab and Singapore.

According to the sources, Bengal Tiger Overseas Ltd is secretly trying to export manpower, ignoring government rules and regulations.

Earlier in May 2020, human trafficking case was filed against Bengal Tiger Overseas Ltd’s Managing Director Golam Mostofa Khokon and others in connection with the tragic murders of twenty-six Bangladeshi human trafficking victims in Libya.

The FIR-named accused allegedly sent more than 38 fortune-seekers to Libya through illegal channels. Among them, 26 were gunned down and 11 others injured.

The case was filed with the Banani Police Station on June 4 in 2020.

Sub-Inspector Md Kamruzzaman of Human Trafficking and Vice Squad of Organized Crime Division of Criminal Investigation Department filed the case.

After being accused, the notorious recruiting agency itself submitted an application to the government authority to withhold its manpower export business.

But the Bengal Tiger Overseas Ltd secretly collected visas to send manpower to the Hyundai Engineering & Construction co. Ltd. and various other companies in Saudi Arabia, sources alleged.

In this regard, the manpower firm is collecting immigration clearance in the name of another recruiting agency. SI Kamruzzaman of CID is reportedly helping the Bengal Tiger Overseas Ltd to illegally export manpower. Despite the suspension of its license, around eighteen workers have already been kept in a luxurious hotel in the city’s Gulshan area as part of hotel quarantine, sources further claimed.

About the allegations against the Bengal Overseas Ltd, Bangladesh Post on December 6 tried repeatedly to communicate with its Managing Director Golam Mostofa Khokon, Directors Ezaz Ul Karim and Azam. But they did not respond.

When contacted for comments, Shahidul Islam, Director General of Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training (BMET) said, “It is quite impossible to export manpower through the company (Bengal Overseas Ltd) as its license was withheld.”

He explained that after being accused, the company itself applied to withhold its license until the disposal of the human trafficking case against the firm.

Islam also pointed out that a company’s request to withhold its license is not a silly matter. “They would apply again to restore its license once all the allegations are cleared.”

He further said that the government would take a decision (about the company) after a proper hearing.

“Till now, the server has been locked. So, they will not be able to export manpower,” Shahidul Islam stated.

“If anyone files a specific complaint, we shall take action after investigation,” he added.  

About the allegation, SI Kamruzzaman said, I am currently posted in Chittagong.

But he did not respond about the allegation against him in providing support to the suspended manpower agency to export manpower illegally.

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