Recognition as Martyred Intellectual after 52 years

Published : 15 Feb 2024 09:05 PM

Fifty-two years after the martyrdom, Shamsuddin Ahmed who was brutally killed by the barbaric Pakistani Army, has at last been recognised at the Martyred Intellctual.

During the start of the War of Independence in 1971, Shamsuddin Ahmed was working as the Deputy Magistrate in Rajshahi sadar area. Even after working as a government servant, young Shamsuddin, responding to the clarion call of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, participated in the anti-Pakistani Movement.  

He along with the then Sub-divisional Officer Matiur Rahman on a government jeep were proceeding towards Tanore Police Station to attend a meeting of the Liberation Movement Committee. On the way, their jeep was intercepted by the Pakistani marauding forces. Both of them were forced to be deported from the jeep and were shot dead. Even, the Pakistanis burnt his house in Rajshahi. His wife and the offspring were then staying in Kishoreganj. In the aftermath of the Independence, relatives of Shamsuddin searched for this dead body for more than six months but failed to trace it.

Even after being killed brutally by the Pakistani forces, the name of Shamsuddin Ahmed was not enlisted as a Martyred Freedom Fighter.  Though the contribution of martyred Shamsuddin Ahmed was published in the Government Gazette, no one ever enquired about the condition of his family. To survive with her two sons and two daughters, his wife Siddika Begum, daughter of the then Sub-divisional Commissioner Rustom Ali, took a job as an Assistant Teacher at Kishoreganj Girls' High School at a salary of Tk. 

110 per month. Struggling throughout her life for the recognition of her husband as a martyr, she died with utter disappointment on May 6, 2006. 

Her family members also did not get any cooperation in this connection by making repeated contact with various concerned departments of the government.

Though it appears a stunt, Shamsuddin Ahmed, a former resident of Sachail village under Tarail Upazila sadar of Kishoreganj district has at last been recognised as a Martyred Intellectual after 52 years of the Liberation War. 

On February-8,2024, Thursday, Shamsuddin Ahmed was enlisted as the Martyred Intellectual under the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs. In the third list of the Gazette 427, his name has been included under serial number 92. 

His elder son Captain ( Retd.) Salah Uddin Ahmed Shelu has confirmed the issue of getting recognition of Shamsuddin Ahmed as the Martyred Intellectual.

Captain Salah Uddin Ahmed Shelu informed, his relatives searched for the dead body of his father for continuous six months after the Independence but failed to trace him.

“I am overwhelmed, overflowed! Recognition after 52 years! Surely the Mr Minister and the Ministry claim the applause for their earnest sincerity. It is a rare experience, full of peace and tranquillity!' mentioned Captain Salah Uddin Shelu.

Shelu informed, in 1997 his mother Siddika Begum wrote a heart-rendering letter to the then Prime Minister Shaikh Hasina seeking the recognition of her husband as a martyr. She wrote-' They even did not return the corpse of my husband. I've forgotten the pangs of losing the near and dear one after watching the Red Sun of the Independence. But, this vacancy is not to be filled up. I have reared my two sons and two daughters braving many odds. But received neither any assistance-cooperation  nor even the minimum sympathy from the state.'

Shamsuddin Ahmed Shelu informed, in part of Section No. ED/J1-77/72-396 of the Gazette published on March 27, 1972, of the Parliamentary Affairs Ministry of Bangladesh, the incident of Shamuddin Ahmed was included. It is mentioned in the Gazette,' Mr. Shamsuddin Ahmed was arrested by the Pakistani Army on the 14th April 1971 at Rajshahi and was later killed by said army on that day.' The gazette further mentioned that Shamsuddin Ahmed joined at the post of Deputy Magistrate and Deputy Collector in 1964. 

He performed duties in various government positions. Signed by the then Cabinet Secretary M.M.Zaman, a deep sorrow and sympathy was paid towards the family of martyred Shamsuddin Ahmed. However, the name of this martyr (Shamsuddin Ahmed) was not included in the printed list of the martyred by the government.

Meanwhile, a memorial book entitled 'Tarail Upazila Souvenir' was published by The Tarail Upazila Administration in 2007. On page 80 of the Souvenir, the incident of the martyrdom of Shamsuddin Ahmed during the Liberation War was mentioned, informed Salah Uddin Ahmed Shelu, son of Shamsuddin Ahmed.

Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Abul Kalam Azad informed it is a proud for us that he has been recognised after a long time. We are very glad. We congratulate the family of martyred intellectual Shamsuddin Ahmed in favour of the District Administration.