Razzaque asks for quick implementation of agri-rehab programme

Agriculture Minister Dr M Abdur Razzaque on Tuesday asked the ministry officials to carry out intensive monitoring through field visits at the flood affected areas as the government can accelerate and supervise the agriculture rehabilitation programme.

“The ministry officials in coordination with the other field officials have to intensify the supervision and monitoring of crop loss at the flood affected areas so that the government can implement agriculture rehabilitation programme as soon as possible”, he said in an online reunion meeting with the ministry officials after the Eid-ul Azha.

The government has already formed 14-committee to speed up, supervise and coordinate different incentive programmes including seed and fertilizer distribution among the flood affected farmers.

Along with the activities of the committee, the supervision and extensive monitoring of the ministry officials will reinforce the agriculture rehabilitation programme, the minister added.

Moderated by Agriculture Secretary M Nasiruzzaman, the meeting was attended, among others, by Additional Secretaries M Hasanuzzaman Kallol, M Arifur Rahman Apu, Kamlaranjan Das, M Mahbubul Islam, Dr M Abdur Rauf, Balai Krishna Hazra and other high officials.

To continue the food production, the 14-committee of the Agriculture Ministry has started their activities to reinforce the agriculture rehabilitation programme which was taken to compensate vegetable and Aman crop loss of the farmers at flood affected 38 districts.