Rawhide business faces acute loss in Ishwardi

The cowhides were sold at Tk 200 on average and goats hide were sold at only Tk 20 in Ishwardi on the day of Eid-ul-Adha. However, after facing such kind of prices many small traders distributes animal hide among poor and in the mosque.

Meanwhile, a bottle of water price is Tk 25 where as this year the price of a goathide was selling at Tk 10 to Tk 20.
Akmol Hossain, a small trader who individually bought hides from across the Ishwardi town said a pair of shoes cost Tk 5000 but a cowhide selling price is only Tk 200. Actually, who makes this worse situation?

Small tarders of rawhide thinks that seasonal buyers of rawhide and wholesaler of rawhide created a syndicate as they bought cattle hides at very low price. Later, the price of the skin rise and both of them donot face any losses. Executive member of Ishwardi rawhide business committee, Asaduzzaman said around 10 thousands cowhide and 20 thousands goat hide was preserved in local storehouse.

Still, seasonal traders are bringing rawhide from different Unions. The prices at the international market has also fallen significantly and proceesing of rawhide is not very easy, these are the two main reasons for falling the rawhide price, he added.