Raushan for extending age limit to 35 yrs for govt jobs

Published : 28 May 2023 10:05 PM

Chief Patron of the Jatiya Party (JaPa) and Leader of the Opposition in Parliament Raushan Ershad in a statement on Sunday  said the maximum age limit for applying to government jobs should be extended to 35 years from the existing 30 years.

 "Extending the age limit up to 35 years for entering government jobs is now a demand of time," she said, adding, the age limit to apply for government jobs is 35 to 59 years in 162 countries of the world. Noting that qualifications are more important than age, the opposition leader said this age limit is not consistent with other countries in the world. Generally, it takes 28 years to complete the academic activities, Raushan said, adding, it is regrettable that frustration arises among job-seekers when they cannot get jobs even after 30 years of study and, subsequently, they set their certificates on fire.

The rate of education as well as higher education has increased remarkably under the present government, resulting in rise of unemployed youths, she said.

Mentioning that the number of unemployed youths stands over 26 lakh in the country, Raushan said technical education should be given highest priority to eliminate unemployment.