Rashed Shemanto’s 50th tele-drama ‘Kiptus’ released

Published : 25 Nov 2023 08:58 PM

Popular actor Rashed Shemanto has achieved a milestone by completing his 50th tele-drama, titled ‘Kiptus,’ directed by Masud Rana Anik, with a story by Shamim Shikdar.  Ahona Rahman is featured opposite Rashed Shemanto in the tele-drama, which also includes Masum Basar, Reshmi, and others in the cast.
The tele-drama aired on Boishakhi TV on November 23 and was released on CD Choice’s YouTube channel on Friday.

The storyline revolves around Abu Kalam, an extremely miserly individual who goes to great lengths to save money. His habits, such as placing a piece of fried hilsa fish in front of him during meals and eating rice with just water while imagining the taste of hilsa, cause distress to his wife Poly and their only daughter Munni. The villagers criticise Poly for her miserly husband, and despite ultimatums to change his ways, Abu Kalam remains obstinate. Faced with this, Poly and Munni decide to leave Abu Kalam, leading to various incidents that shape the tele-drama’s narrative.

Rashed Shemanto is known for portraying diverse roles, and many of his characters have gained popularity on social media, earning him praise for his acting skills.