Rare love not hard to find

Published : 15 Feb 2022 08:30 PM | Updated : 15 Feb 2022 08:32 PM

When poverty comes in at the door, love flies out of the window. Although the proverb is much earlier, it still has immense importance in the case of love as it is in line with reality. 

But the bond of love has become stronger for a couple who have come to the end of their life, even though they have reached the very end of their poverty with various obstacles. Although they beg from the shelter of others to save their lives, they believe that they are doing well because their love is intact.

This rare love couple was found in Arajiniyamat village of Gangachara Sadar Union in Rangpur.

Abdul Qayyum, known in the area as a blind beggar, is now over 70 years old. He is the son of late Soleman Kabiraj of Rajballav area of the same upazila. Having become destitute due to the erosion of the Teesta, he grew up in a world of scarcity. That is why he had to work as a day laborer since his childhood. Although he could not remember the date, the war of liberation was going on in the country. Abdul Qayyum, one day during his work in the work he fell in love with Anwara, a teenage daughter of Vars Uddin from the neighboring village of Changmari. Knowing the matter, the people of the two families arrange their married at an early age.

The Qayyum-Anwara couple did not lack happiness even in a world of scarcity. But after five years of marriage, Qayyum suddenly went blind one day. After hundreds of attempts, it was not possible to bring back the light in his eyes. Even in those difficult times, ignoring the obstacles, Anwara stayed with the blind Qayyum in love. Unable to see anything, the day laborer Qayyum became a beggar to save his life. And Anwara, the man of love, acts as the light of his eyes.

Visiting a hut built on someone else’s land in the village of Arajiniyamat, it is seen that blind Abdul Qayyum was preparing to go to out for begging. At that time, his wife Anwara making him prepared. Although he was a little embarrassed to enter suddenly, Anwara later allowed the visitor to sit down.

In the conversation, Anwara said that they have two daughters in their family life. Those got married long ago. At that time they had to sell their houses. Forced to do so, the two decided to leave the village of Rajballav in their own area and start building houses on other people’s land in this village. Although he is a beggar, she is proud of her husband’s livelihood till the end of her life.

However, due to not being able to see with his eyes, he sometimes falls and gets injured. 

Going to reminisce, Abdul Qayyum said that he married Anwara at a young age and brought her home. They still love each other as before. Mentioning that it is very difficult not to see Anwara since she became blind, he said, "I beg every day for my livelihood. We are happy with that. The villagers said that the couple has been in the village for more than 20 years. Despite poverty no one sees them quarreling anytime.