‘Rape a crime against humanity’

Published : 01 Dec 2020 09:38 PM

With the slogan ' Rape is a crime against humanity' Bangladesh Mohila Parishad, Rajshahi district unit, organised a press conference at MuktijuddhoPathagar at Alupatty of Rajshahi city on Tuesday. 

Presided over by Kalpona Roy, President of BMP, Rajshahi, the press conference was attended, among others, by General Secretary of BMP AnjonaSarker, Organising Secretary Alima Khatun, Assistant General Secretary Nilufar, Legal Aid Secretary Shikha Roy, Publicity Secretary Helel Khan and Movement Secretary AnusuaSarker. Speakers at the press conference mentioned, the torture on women is not being waned even after the Bangladesh Mohila Parishad isworking through its countrywide network to ensure rights of women and their human rights.

They mentioned, the incidents of torture and repression on women and on the female-children have been increased alarmingly during the recent days which are being publicised through the media regularly.

After synthesising the incident, it is seen, women and the female-children are being tortured more and more in their own family by their family members that is why the resistance for women and child repression should be started from the families.

They further mentioned, in the prevailing social system of Bangladesh women are being tortured for ages.  They are kept 'chained', tortured, dishonoured, deprived and made the victim of irony by the name of the so called extra judicial judgment.

 In the name of judgement, women are dishonoured and insulted through the rural arbitration and they are often canned, beat with sticks(Dorra), hit and killed through throwing stones and their hair is also cut off. Female children, juveniles, young and even aged women are being sexually harassed and tortured. 

There is no security of a woman anywhere- not outside his house, in educational institutions, not in job places and even on their way. Though the Constitution of Bangladesh recognised an equal right for male and female, in reality no sign of such eqaulity is visible in any sector including in Education, Health, Treatment, Employment, poverty alleviation, Nourishment, process of taking any decision and the equal participation in running the state. 

They further mentioned that in first 10 months of 2020, 129 women and children have been tortured in various ways in Rajshahi region only while according to reports of 13 national newspapers 1,686 women and children have been repressed and tortured countrywide from January- 2020 to July-2020.