Rani, the dwarf cow finally won the world record

Published : 28 Sep 2021 08:37 PM | Updated : 29 Sep 2021 12:19 PM

R ani, the dwarf cow that attracted huge media attention globally earlier, has finally been listed as the shortest cow ever in the world by The Guinness World Record, after 39 days of her death. 

Rani, who measured only 50.80 cm in height and 26 kg in weight, was being raised at Shikor Agro Industries Ltd, located in Charigram area in Savar’s Ashulia, on the outskirts of the capital.

The news of Rani winning the honour was confirmed by Kazi Md Abu Sufiyan, Managing Director and CEO of Shikor Agro Industries Ltd on Tuesday. Abu Sufiyan said Guinness World Record authority on September 23, confirmed them of the approval and afterwards published the record officially on September 27, following completion of all the official procedure.

Sufiyan told The Bangladesh Post, “The news of Rani being listed as world’s shortest cow brought us great pleasure. However, it would have been more pleasant, if Rani were alive now. Although she lived a short life, she brought a great honour for the country.” Earlier, on July 2, this year the firm authority applied to the Guinness World Records to break the previous Guinness World Records of world’s shortest cow, which record was held by ‘Manikyam’, a dwarf cow of Vechur breed, from India’s Kerala. 

Afterwards, on August 19, Rani suddenly fell sick and died at Upazila Livestock Office while undergoing treatment there. 

At that time, Sajedul Islam, Upazila livestock officer told reporters that Rani was suffering from gas accumulation in her stomach, which was caused by excessive feeding of granular food.

“Later, we informed Guinness authority about Rani’s demise, to know what to do next as we were a bit confused about whether our application will move ahead or not. Guinness authority asked for Rani’s autopsy report to check whether we applied any hormones or other medicine to repress Rani’s height or weight. Then finally on Monday Guinness World Record authority recognized her as the shortest cow ever in the world on their website and certified her as well”, Sufiyan added.

Sufiyan, further said, “Some people tried to spread rumors that we want to sell Rani at a high price, even they spread false news that we asked a price of Tk 6 to 7 lakh for Rani. This was entirely untrue as Rani was a name of love to us, and we never had the mentality to earn money by selling her. However, she left us very soon. The credit of her achievement not only ours, rather it goes to the country.”

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