Rangpur crowded with tourists after Eid

Published : 07 May 2022 09:24 PM

Even in the scorching heat of Rangpur, crowds of people of all ages, including children and teenagers, have been spotted in the amusement parks. It is also worth noting the presence of parents with children and teenagers to share the joy of Eid. With the addition of the weekly holiday to the Eid holiday, such a scene was also seen on Saturday.

Rangpur metropolitan Tajhat Zamindarbari, the country's second largest Rangpur Amusement Park Zoo, Prayas Sena Amusement Park, City Chikli Park, Rangpur Amusement Park Zoo, Collectorate Survi Udyan, Townhall Chattar, Shirin Park, Kheya Park are seen crowded with people. Many people are queuing up to enter there with tickets. The same picture has been seen at Vinnajagat, Anandnagar, Absar, Mayabhuban, Gangachara Sheikh Hasina Bridge and Teesta Road Bridge Point in Mahipur.

Tajhat zamindarbari located in the city. From the day of Eid, it has become the talk of the town. This traditional house is the most attractive among the entertainment lovers of Rangpur. Prayas Sena Amusement Park has been set up in Rakt Gaurab Chattar area of Nisbetganj, which is associated with the memory of the great liberation war. This huge park has a noise-free environment decorated with greenery in the surrounding low lying areas, especially the Ghaghat River. Here the amusement park is arranged using bamboo in the perfect technical plan of the army members. This park is now crowded with people around Eid. On the other hand, Rangpur City Chikli Park is built next to Bangladesh Betar Rangpur Center on the initiative of Rangpur City Corporation. There are various arrangements arranged around the huge Chiklibil to attract children and teenagers. Speedboats are moving on the lake from side to side at high speed. Everyone is getting excited in the hustle and bustle. And as the speedboats sped away, huge waves came crashing down on both sides of the lake. All the people are having fun in the splashing water.

This time around the Eid festival, the entertainment-loving people of Rangpur are wandering from here to there. However, this time the value of the city-centric entertainment spots has decreased a lot. Entertainment lovers have chosen different points of the river Teesta as noise-free areas. Especially in Mahipur of Rangpur, Gangachara Sheikh Hasina Bridge area seems to be crowded with entertainment lovers. On the fifth day of Eid, many people went to the bridge area and it had turned into a beach. Thousands of people have gathered in Tista bank. People have come from far and wide to see the bridge area by car.

Soukhin, Sharmeen, Ashiq, Siam, who came to visit the bridge area, said that they have heard that there are many places there to visit. They also came to see the bridge. Boat trips to the Teesta have been a delight. Besides, the much awaited Teesta Bridge has been constructed and the desire to see it has been fulfilled. Tuhin, Shamima said, as there is nothing new in the entertainment spots of the city, they have chosen Tista embankment this time as a noise free place. They were visiting the Gangachara Sheikh Hasina Bridge with their wives and children to enjoy the natural fresh air.

Regarding law and order in the bridge area, Gangachara Model Police Station OC Dulal Hossain said, "Law enforcers are on patrol all the time. We are constantly monitoring to prevent any untoward incident.” 

Teesta Bridge Area Lottery UP Chairman Abdullah Al Hadi said, “Apart from various festivals, people from different areas come to this Teesta Bridge every day. But since there is not much entertainment here, they are leaving happily like them. Arranging a park here around the Teesta Bridge will increase the revenue of the government as well as provide a place of entertainment for the people.