Rajshahi poor shivering from cold

Published : 22 Jan 2021 09:54 PM

The condition of the poor section of people living at the slums and shanties of Rajshahi city has turned miserable due to dip in mercury in the recent days. 

Even, the sales in the various markets of the city has been dropped and the movement of people remained restricted within nearby areas due to bitter cold.

The lowest temperature in the last few days is fluctuating from 12 to 15 degree Celsius respectively. The day labourers were, however, reluctant to come out of their homes in search of jobs whereas, the villagers were seen a little late to wake up to go to their fields.

Kalu Mia, a day labourer working in Rajsahahi city said, he has not been able to go out in search of work for some days due to the extreme weather. Even if he could go out, it has been difficult for him to find jobs as there are scarcity of work. So, he had been spending days in great hardship with his family, he added. 

Meanwhile, for the Meteoro­logical office, it has been some hefty days recording the lowest temperatures of the year. Rajshahi Meteorological office sources informed the day temperature may further reduce during the coming weeks. Moreover, there is a possibility of a further dip in day temperature while, a mild cold-wave may start blowing from this week.  

The fog that had hung the city and adjacent districts finally lifted at 11 AM when cool breeze did not make life any easier. In the fog infested days, many trucks and buses were driving slowly to avoid a collision for the reduced visibility to near 10-meter or less. The office goers also had to wake up late and hurry to their offices. 

On the other hand, while all the markets slowed down, the warm clothing markets seem to be flourishing, Sweaters, jackets, woolen wrapper, socks and hand gloves were being sold like hotcakes. The scavengers in the streets were seen gathering around a fire they made from collecting garbage and scraps from here and there. 

However, the vegetables and fish sellers were happy with having no problem as the cold weather kept their degradable products fresh for long periods.