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Rajshahi health dept, RMCH provide contradictory info

Published : 08 Jun 2021 09:20 PM

Office of the Director of Health, Rajshahi division, is allegedly concealing the number of deaths in Coronavirus infection since there are anomalies with the statistics of deaths from the authorities of Rajshahi Medical College Hospital, Civil Surgeon office in Rajshahi and the Director of Health of Rajshahi.

It is alleged, the number of deaths in Coronavirus is being reported less by the Director of Health, Rajshahi divisional office than that of  the number supplied by the authorities of RMCH, though, the number of death is supposed to be more from the Director Health Office than that of RMCH because, Director Health office collects and tally the death toll not only from RMCH but also from all hospitals, clinics and homes of the districts under the division. 

According to sources, in Rajshahi Medical College Hospital a total of 89 patients died by being attacked with Coronavirus and the symptoms of Coronavirus during last 12-day (May-27 to June-7) but a statistics from the Office of Divisional Director of Health in Rajshahi show the number of death toll 53 during the same period.  

Even during last 24 -hour seven Coronavirus patients died at RMCH of whom three from Chapainawabganj and one each from Rajshahi, Natore, Naogaon and Pabna but the statistics supplied from the Director Health shows only two deaths from Chapainawabganj during the same period and no death was shown from Rajshahi, Naogaon, Natore and Pabna districts. 

Brigadier General Shamim Yazdani, Director of RMCH informed the information regarding death toll in Coronavirus at the hospital is sent to all concerned offices including the office of the Director of Health of Rajshahi division and the Civil Surgeon offices. But, he said, he has no idea why the lesser number of death is being supplied from Director Health Office than the actual number of death at RMCH.

Civil Surgeon of Rajshahi Dr.Quiyum Talukder informed the Civil Surgeon officer regularly sent the information regarding any death at the hospital or at the upazila health complexes and even in any house to the Director of Health and other concerned offices.

Meanwhile, Director of Health, Rajshahi division, Dr. Habibul Ahsan was not available on the phone for a comment.