Raise voice to end violation against women, children: PM

Published : 09 Jul 2019 05:51 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 11:13 AM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged all concerned to be loud against violation of women and children.

Expressing the hard-line of her government against the rape of minor girls and women, she said,” Those who commit these types of crimes and heinous acts are not human beings.”

She also said, “The government will take all the necessary steps, or if it is needed her government will take sterner and tougher measures to prevent rape incidents.”

In this connection, “Women have come forward against rape, and now along with women, men will have to come and be loud against rape” she added at a press conference on Monday afternoon.

Among others, Obidul Quader, general secretary of Bangladesh Awami League and Road Transport and Bridges Minister, and Foreign Minister Dr. Ak Abdul Momen, were also present.

Replying to the questions of journalists about the recent increase of the number of rapes, the Prime Minister said, “It is unfortunate that rape was committed in all times, and in all countries. But now women can talk about it freely and boldly.”

“There was a time when women could not disclose the incidents of rape because of the fear of social scandal and shame” she categorically said.

She referred to Wari’s minor girl Sayma who was raped and killed, and said that the criminal was arrested within a short time and the criminal confessed his guilt of rape and killing.

“Male members in societies should raise their voice. Or else, will only the women keep on shouting? As they are oppressed, no doubt, they will shout, but men also should be vociferous and protesting with women” she opined.