Rain, tide worsen water-logging in Barishal

Published : 15 Aug 2022 07:58 PM

Various low-lying areas and low-lying areas of the district, including Barishal city, were inundated due to tides and rains caused by low pressure in the northwest Bay of Bengal. Char and low-lying residents have been suffering for days due to tidal water. The rain has added to the misery. Barishal has been receiving intermittent light rain since Sunday (August 14) morning. Meanwhile, water has entered many houses in Charbaria, Shaistabad, Chandramohan and Charmonai Unions of Barishal Sadar Upazila as the Kirtankhola water has crossed the limit.

Besides, most of the rivers in the district have increased. Due to the increase in the water level, especially the upazila of Mehendiganj, Hijla, Muladi upazila along the banks of the Meghna, Char and lower areas have been submerged in water. Banaripara upazila's Sandhya River has increased and the lower areas have been flooded. The gangways on both sides of the Sandhya river ferry ghat are submerged in water. Ferry services are disrupted.

Knee-deep water has accumulated on the streets of the upazila city. Due to the low pressure, thousands of people in the Char area of those four upazilas have been trapped in the tide caused by the effect of rain and full moon.

Moreover, knee water has been seen in many other areas including Kirtankhola township Sagardi Dhan Research Road, Purba Rupatali, Jagua, Bhatikhana, New Bhatikhana, Amanatganj, Rasulpur, Palashpur, Navagram Road, which is known as the low-lying area of the city.

Residents of Rasulpur, Kalapatti, Palashpur, Barfkal and Stadium slums adjacent to the Kirtankhola banks are the most affected. Residents of those areas are suffering a lot. Residents said that tidal water entered these areas through drains connected to the river.

Deputy Assistant Engineer of Water Development Board Barisal office. Masum said, due to low pressure and full moon, the water level of rivers has increased due to tide. Kirtankhola river water has flowed 28 cm above the flood line around 4 pm.

He said that water has risen in the city before during monsoon tide, but this time the amount of tidal water caused by low pressure and full moon is more. Due to this, the expansion of tide water is also increasing in the city. The tidal water naturally rises in the city in five to six hours and ebbs in the remaining five to six hours. If there is no rain during that period, the waterlogging is not supposed to be permanent.

Abdul Quddus, senior observer of Barisal Meteorological Office, said that the low pressure created in the Bay of Bengal has turned into low pressure. It is in Odisha, India. Rainfall has increased under the influence of low pressure and monsoon. Barisal has recorded 77.4 mm of rainfall in the last 24 hours (till 6 pm on Sunday). Light to moderate rainfall is expected to continue for the next two-three days.

Freedom fighter Enayet Hossain Chowdhury, a resident of Sadar Road area of Barishal city, said that for the past few years, the water level of Kirtankhola River has increased and every hour of rain, a part of Sadar Road and the surrounding area of his house are sinking. Suffering. All drains of the city are connected to Kirtankhola. But their level is not right. Due to which Kirtankhola water is easily entering the city through drains.

Kazi Enayet Hossain Shiblu, member secretary of Save the Rivers and Canals Movement, said that there were 22 canals in and around Barisal city at one time. The length of the canal was 24 km.  There were about 20,000 ponds. Of which more than 10,000 ponds have been filled. Roads have been widened by filling several canals. Now 6-7 canals exist. However, the water flow is not normal in those canals as they are filled with garbage. Moreover, almost half a kilometer wide Kirtankhola river has also become smaller due to encroachment in some places. Dredging is not done regularly to protect navigability. Due to these reasons Barisal city is getting flooded by tide and rain.

He also said that the PUBO has approved a project. But due to political rivalry, the city corporation is not allowing the project to be implemented. If the canals were dug, the inundation might have been reduced to a great extent.