Rain melts raw bricks in Sirajganj, kiln owners frustrated

Published : 03 Apr 2023 09:07 PM

During the last three days of heavy to moderate rains, about Tk 1 crore worth of raw bricks at seven brick kilns were destroyed by melting. On top of that, after the decrease in the incidence of rains, the damage to the brick kiln owners is increasing due to the huge amount of labor cost in removing the broken and melted soil, bricks from the damaged kiln.

It is known that there are seven brick kilns in Tarash upazila. In addition, the bricks produced in these brick kilns meet the needs of the people of the area for the construction of houses, houses, roads, government buildings. But from last Thursday to Saturday, Chalan Beel-dominated Tarash received heavy to moderate rainfall during the day and night. As a result, millions of raw bricks of seven brick kilns in the upazila melted and broke due to the heavy rainfall. The owner of the SMB brick kiln in Chandibhog area of Taras, Shah Alam Sarkar said that during the last three days of rain, about 10 lakh bricks placed in the opening of his basin were melted and destroyed. Originally, all these bricks were laid out in the kiln to dry in the sun. He also said that he has to pay 800 taka to each worker for every 1000 bricks, along with purchase of soil and sand, cost of burning, cost of transporting goods. Again the owner of Sadia brick kiln Saiful Islam said that in the last three days of rain, bricks worth about 15 lakh Tk were destroyed in his kiln.

Moreover, speaking to the managers of seven brick kilns, it is known that raw bricks worth about 1 crore Tk have been wasted in seven kilns in Tarash upazila. As well as kiln owner Shah Alam. Kazi, Saifur Islam said that every kiln owner will have to spend an additional 3 to 4 lakh Tk per kiln to clean the broken bricks in the kiln openings after the rain subsides. Which to us is like a salt on an injury.

In this context, Tarash Upazila Brick Kiln Owners Association President Moslem Uddin said that during the last three days of heavy to moderate rains, seven brick kilns worth about Tk 1 crore worth of raw bricks were destroyed by melting. Besides, if water gets into the kilns in which the bricks are being burnt, then the damage will increase as the heating stove will be damaged.