Rain increased fear of potato damage in Rangpur

Published : 07 Feb 2022 12:19 AM

Due to sudden rain and strong winds on Friday and Saturday, farmers in five districts of the Rangpur Agricultural Region, which is known as the potato growing area of the country, are fearing severe damage to potato fields. In the last two days, at least 10,000 hectares of land has been flooded. Besides, they are also fearing loss of various crops including mustard and rice.

On the other hand, the Department of Agriculture officials are saying that due to the sudden heavy rains, the farmers become nervous when the water become stuck in the field temporarily. Later that water resides. However, in case of potato, if it is submerged for a few days, there is a danger that it will rot. Noting that there is no fear of such a situation, the source said that this rain will benefit the Boro paddy including wheat, garlic and onion of winter season. This rain has been a blessing especially for mangoes. Just as the rain just before the mango buds appear will help the buds to come, so will the cost to the mango growers. According to the Rangpur Meteorological Office, such incessant rains are rare in the late winter. In two days, Rangpur received 84.3 mm of rainfall, sources said.

It can be seen from different areas of Rangpur that the potato and mustard fields were flooded due to continuous rains from Thursday night to Saturday especially in low lying areas. Farmers are trying to remove water from the fields for fear of rotting in the growing potatoes. Farmers of 24 Hazari, Mahiganj and Raghu Kalabari areas of the city said that now there is no need for water in the land. They have to pick the potatoes from the field within 15 days. In this situation, their dreams have been shattered in the rain water. Although the yield is good, there is not much price in the potato market this year. In the two days of rain on him, the fear of potatoes being damaged has increased. Potato farmers Abdur Rahman and Jafur Ali said they have cultivated potatoes in five bighas of land. They are fearing that most of the potatoes will rot as their potato fields are submerged in water.

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According to the Rangpur Regional Office of the Department of Agricultural Extension, potato has been cultivated in about one lakh hectares of land in five districts of the region - Rangpur, Lalmonirhat, Kurigram, Gaibandha and Nilphamari. Most of these potatoes have been cultivated in 51,640 hectares of land in Rangpur district. Obaidur Rahman, Deputy Director, Rangpur Agriculture Extension Department, said that this time a record amount of potato has been planted in Rangpur division. Even though the field is flooded due to sudden rains, there is no fear of any damage so far. However, if water accumulates in low lying areas for a few days, there may be some damage. And that potato will not be suitable to keep as seed. He also said that farmers are being advised in this regard.

On the other hand, the officials of the agriculture department say that the mangoes have benefited due to the rains at the end of the winter. Because, before the buds come, the mango orchard has to be irrigated a lot. Adequate irrigation gives buds to the tree. So this time the rain is a blessing for mangoes. Now the buds are peeking in the middle of the leaves. Getting water will make it boil faster. Abdus Salam, owner of the region's popular Haribhanga mango orchard in Mithapukur, Rangpur, said farmers have to spend huge sums of money every year to irrigate their orchards. That cost will be saved even if it is a little bit. Mango farmers will benefit from this rain at the end of winter.

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