Railway tickets sell in black market

General passengers returning empty-handed

Published : 05 Oct 2021 08:54 PM | Updated : 06 Oct 2021 04:20 PM

Passengers of Kishoreganj are suffering due to the attempt to make the railways passenger-friendly. Passengers have to return empty-handed from the counters as the tickets went to the black marketers due to the connivance of dishonest railway officials. 

The authorities are not taking any effective action even though the gang involved in selling train tickets on the black market and its supporters have been repeatedly identified. For various reasons, innocent passengers do not even get a ticket for the demand train even if they stand in line at the scheduled time. But at Kishoreganj railway station, if you reach out to the black marketeers, you will get train tickets.

Visiting Kishoreganj railway station on Monday (October 4), it was seen that tickets were being sold on the black market in front of the ticket counter. Ordinary passengers are forced to buy tickets from them. If you look at their behavior, it is clear that they are selling tickets with the help of influential people.

According to sources, one of the means of rail communication with the capital Dhaka is the intercity Kishoreganj Express and Egarasindur Express. There are 450 tickets of different classes of Kishoreganj Express train for 6 stations from Kishoreganj to Bhairab. Of these, there are 12 cabin tickets from Kishoreganj station at a price of Tk 345 per ticket, of which 6 are online. 

There are 48 AC chair tickets at Tk 288, of which 24 are online. Out of 90 shovon chairs, 45 are online. However, the reality is that most of the train tickets go to the black market. A ticket of 150 taka becomes 250 taka, a ticket of 345 taka becomes 650 taka, a ticket of 288 taka becomes 500 taka, such complaints common passengers.

Poet Wasim Firoz said, this kind of black market has been going on for a long time. But we did not see any way out. It is not clear whether the lack of goodwill of the authorities or their collusion is going on.

Ordinary passengers of Kishoreganj Express train said that even though some people were arrested from time to time, ticket sales on the black market did not stop. 

We are seeking the intervention of the administration to stop the sale of tickets on the black market.

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