Railway’s Pakshi section earns Tk 112cr in 5 months

Published : 28 Jun 2022 08:18 PM

From January to May this year, 73 lakh 38 thousand 364 passengers have traveled by train in the Pakshi section under the Bangladesh Railway West Zone. From the sale of these tickets, the revenue of the railways has been 111 crore 96 lakh 27 thousand 168 taka. Officials at the Pakshi Divisional Office said that rail travel is more comfortable than using other mediums. Destination can be reached in less time and at low cost without any risk. Due to this, the number of passengers traveling by train is increasing day by day.

According to the Pakshi Divisional Office, 44 pairs of inter-city-mail-local trains run daily on various routes under the Pakshi Division of the Western Railway WestZone. Millions of passengers travel in these trains to different districts and upazilas of the country every day.

Railway Pakshi Divisional Commercial Officer (DCO) Nasir Uddin said that in January this year, 13 lakh 34 thousand 956 passengers earned the train 20 crore 99 lakh 10 thousand 432, in February this year 13 lakh 16 thousand 514 passengers earned the train 21 crore 75 lakh 2 thousand 898. 25 crore 43 lakh 41 thousand 874 taka was earned fro  15 lakh 91 thousand 404 passengers in March, 17 crore 76 lakh 55 thousand 311 for 14 lakh 62 thousand 18 passengers in April and 26 crore 21 lakh was earned from 16 lakh 23 thousand 321 passengers in May. In these five months, a total of 73 lakh 36 thousand 374 passengers traveled by rail. By selling tickets to these passengers, the revenue income has been 111 crore 96 lakh 27 thousand 168 taka.

Railway Pakshi Divisional Manager (DRM) Shahidul Islam said traveling by rail is more comfortable than as expressed by passengers who feel comfortable on the train. Due to this the number of passengers is increasing day by day. The current government is working to make the railways more modern and up-to-date. When these works are completed, many problems of railways will be solved and railways will be more active.